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Tapas on the Strand Food & Drink Tour

Quick Details

Uber or Lyft is highly recommended for the ultimate experience

Now Available

Wondering “where to go” in Galveston to enjoy a variety of food & drink pairing?
Go with us to a selection of ‘foodie places’ with signature pairings.
Guests are exposed to new local tapas selections they may not have ever imagined.

Drink & Food Pairing approximately two (2) hours on Galveston’s Strand District. Geared to an adult beverage connoisseur who is also a foodie, ‘Tapas on the Strand’ tour  will give you small plates of food & adult beverages that preserve our Southern Texas Gulf Coast way of life.

ATTENTION: We cannot accommodate those that may have dairy allergies, gluten allergies, peanuts allergies, shellfish allergies or any other kind of food sensitivities. Please note that our menus are not customizable and they are set by the restaurants.
(Our menus contains gluten, shellfish, nuts, pork, sugar & dairy.)