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Food & Drink Tour Pairs Alcohol At Every Stop

Galveston TX Tapas on the Strand Tour With Food and Beverages Launched Entirely compliant with state mandates and local ordinances!

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Pair German Food the right way with a food tour has launched their new Galveston, Texas culinary tours. The Tapas on the Strand food and drink tour pairs alcohol with food at every stop of the tour. has launched a new food tour in Galveston, Texas. The new tour called “Tapas on the Strand” focuses on TAPAS, i.e., the pairing of alcoholic drinks for those over 21 along with food in a delectable way during five time slots, making ‘It is five o’clock somewhere’ on anyone’s time, Island time.

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Show cocktails on actual food drink pairing tour in Galveston TX

What better way to enjoy your time relaxing than to pair food with a proven alcoholic drink that matches?

Galveston is a resort port known as one of the top tourist attractions in the US and is famous for its sandy beaches, architecture, and culture. Everyone can enjoy exploring the place as it has something for everyone. helps visitors tour the city with the best culinary options.

The Strand District is one of the most nationally-known attractions for gastronomical treats. Visitors should not leave the Island without visiting this connoisseur paradise. has created a perfect opportunity for tourists to make the most out of their trip by organizing food tours.

Their signature tour, “Taste of the Strand,” is suitable for families as there is no alcohol in the beverages. With seasonal menus, visitors can experience the wide variety of the culinary attractions of the region and visit the whole range of local restaurants.

The tours allow tourists to make the best of their tour by having the Galveston food tour organizers take care of everything, picking the best restaurants with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients.

The new tour dubbed as “Tapas on the Strand” is a series of food and drink tours that pair food and alcoholic beverages at local restaurants and bars. The tour is dedicated to give something for every palate with a wide variety of food and drink pairings.

Entirely compliant with state mandates and local ordinances regarding the current pandemic, the Tapas on the Strand tours pair alcohol with every stop during the Galveston Texas Restaurant Food Walks.

The “Tapas on the Strand” food tours serve guests from Thursdays to Sundays, ‘It is 5:00 somewhere’ on Galveston time every time in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

The services are available as long as legally allowed by officials for restaurants to serve foods. Visitors over the age of 21 can benefit from this adult food and beverage tour available for both private and group bookings.

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