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Pub’s and Grubs – Pub N’ Grub

A Glass of Mixed Drink Adult Beverage on Galveston Island

 Booking is now available for October 1, 2021 (24 hour reservation are required.)

Want to eat local in Galveston Texas? What better way than with Public House drinks and food pairings to satisfy? Not merely just a pub crawl, what about a local Gulf Coast Galveston Island gastronomical experience with a laid back casual atmosphere without drama?

“After three years on our original food tour, we discovered numerous people interested in a more adult / alcohol pairing experience that would showcase our great pubs, bars, restaurant’s in downtown Galveston Texas for all the visitors who come to this area looking for things to do.” With Pub Grub-Foodies in mind, while providing a Texas Gulf Coast gastronomic getaway, we set out to find the right matches for your experience.

Taste of the Strand’s Food Tours presents: Pubs N’ Grubs Pairing Tour, a local Gastronomic Galveston Island Pub Grub foodie experience with a new restaurant tour location starting spot. Serving flavorful sampling dishes with a variety of comfort foods, appetizers and bar snacks. Every two hours a new “Pub Grub” tour is Served Daily starting 11am and ending the last pairing event at 9pm.

The Pubs N’ Grubs Tour will be a hit to groups who want to experience what locals call Galveston Island Time. This tour will take tourists to the hippest places around Galveston’s downtown and introduce them to truly traditional Texan-style food with a twist: paired with signature beers, cocktails and spirits.

Our tour is not only for tourists, “Even locals will likely sample a pairing they haven’t tasted before.” All food and alcoholic beverages are included during a two plus hour tour that visit 4 or 5 different seated stops.

Groups will enjoy a variety of local pub treasures distinguished from tourist traps where eating goes right along with local bars signature drinks. What better way to experience a city than through its food & drink variety with time tested pairings.

Geared to an adult beverage connoisseur who is also a foodie, Pubs N’ Grubs will give you small plates of food and adult beverages that preserve the Southern Texas Gulf Coast way of life.

Visitors to Galveston can sit back and relax at a comfortable pace, for two plus hours of culinary delight, without having to search the internet, reviews or walk streets at random just to find the right spots, as we have culinary tour experience doing this for you. You get the culture and drinks with the food scene without worrying about the crowds or reservations.

One of our goals is to allow you to experience trying something delicious that you can’t find back home. Experience local Island Pub Grub cuisine and culture in an unforgettable way. Reservations can be made online at .

Since this tour will be compacting multiple bars and drinks, we recommend that all participants plan ahead with an Uber or Lyft service to ensure everyone has a safe and great experience during their vacation on Island time with us.